Take 2: Burn It Down, Skinlab, In Flames, Earth Crisis.

8/1/2000, Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio.

When doing something instead of being fun becomes an unwanted duty, one should change a process of doing this thing, because, otherwise, no good will come out of this. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, relax - I will explain everything. I know my laziness will get me for good one day, as for now, it has already started to tighten its grip on me as far as this site is concerned. You see, at first it was fun both going to the shows and later writing about them, to let all you people know what's been going on in metal clubs of Greater Cleveland area.

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However, as of late, my enthusiasm of reviewing the concerts has noticeably decreased. The reason is unknown (unless you count my laziness in) , but the fact is that I don't really feel all that happy writing about the concerts in the same style I always used to. Thus I decided (no, it's not ALL that bad after all) to change format of my concert reviews and make it all interesting and exciting once again. If this format stays here for a long time or goes down after only one try is not known even to me (they say 'Time will tell', and I, certainly, agree), but here we go - something weird this way comes. Prepare yourself for a brand new experience! - BEFORE THE SHOW: +: I finally went somewhere, it's already an accomplishment! It was at Agora, thus there was no need to drive across the city. -: I did not go to Destruction show a week before, because the weather was bad, people were even worse, Kataklysm was supporting and, all in all, I did not really feel like I wanted to be there. I DID go to Mayhem show, but it got cancelled! I still don't know the reason, but does it really matter?! As a result of this demarche, someone quickly changed M to G on the club's billboard, thus now it read Gayhem rather than Mayhem, haha. I have to give credit to both Nunslaughter and Exhumed for willing to play free show in the nearby store, but as I don't particularly like either one of these bands, and the place did not look very fitting for an extreme show, we left. Parking at Agora cost $5! Really! Do they think this area is quickly becoming downtown or what? Weather was pretty sucky too, and I was surprised to see so many emergency vehicles cruising through the city with their sirens on. -The Show: - BURN IT DOWN: +: They only played for twenty five minutes, so I was able to survive. They said, they are against all kinds of racism, sexism, fascism etc. Very good for them, but, unfortunately, uncompromising attitude can not replace songwriting skills, and they seemingly do not possess any. -: They play one of the most boring and undistinguishable brands of metallic hardcore (or hardcorish metal) I've ever heard. All songs sounded the same, and I'm having a really hard time calling their 'compositions' songs. It all sounded like a wall of noise to me. Yes, I know, I'm repeating myself, because I already said it before, but what can I do if it does sound like that?! I'm not gonna try and save them, and say something positive about them, simply because this band does not deserve it. Forget it. - SKINLAB: +: Pretty cool beginning of the show, where it seemed they could really make a difference. You see, I do not really like this particular style Skinlab and million of others play (you know this kinda like Machine Head, tough guy fronted bands), but Skinlab is one of the
better lots which are currently doing this thing. And, as I said, first several songs sounded pretty cool, especially when compared to what Burn It Down just did. However, after a while (see below)... Some cool-ass solos, not really something you expect from this kind of band, but Snake (I believe it was him, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong) did them just the right way. Very good stage presence on the part of all four band members, it was obvious they were happy to be there and perform their songs live. -: Well, after a while it all became quite boring with songs starting to sound all the same, practically without any variations. Actually, at first I was like 'Hey, they are pretty cool, maybe I should check them out more closely, buy the latest album etc'. Ah, did not happen. Throughout the whole show vocals practically could not be heard - plain and simple. I don't have any idea what happened, but the crowd was forced to listen to the evening of instrumental music, no more no less. I think it's not a very good idea in the case of Skinlab. And Steve, please stop calling your fans 'motherfuckers' and use word 'fuck' every other second - it's annoying at best. Is it your idea of showcasing you toughness or what??? - IN FLAMES: +: First of all, new In Flames album 'Clayman' simply rules, thus look for an upcoming feature within a week or so. Secondly, their show was almost excellent, except for few disappointing drawbacks, which will be described later. Very good setlist, which included everybody's favorite hits from all of their albums, except for the stuff released on Wrong Again Records (actually, it's my dream to hear them play something from 'Subterranean' MCD, but...). First track played was 'Episode 666' - thumbs up! Guys looked really happy and playful while being on stage, but not a single bit fake, and it's very cool, as I'm equally tired of angry hardcore guys, brutal death metallers and pseudo 'brothers' from 'true' metal bands (Manowar...). I don't really know what else to say. I was deaf on arrival home, my neck hurt badly after hours of tireless headbanging, but who cares, it was THE SHOW! -: In Flames set = Part 2 of the evening of instrumental music. You guessed it right - no vocals whatsoever, as Anders Friden's voice got totally lost below all the other instruments. Ah, shit! Their set was cut short because of the time constraints. I understand it must be a city ordinance, but it still sucks big time. Now, read carefully, their set was cut short, so Earth Crisis could play a headline show! Holy shit!!! Earth Crisis?!

In Flames
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- EARTH CRISIS: +: Some of you probably know that I don't exactly like this band. So I left right after In Flames finished their part. Wise move indeed! -: The very existence of this band offends a lot of people, and I am one of them. At least Roadrunner dropped them. Too bad Victory Records wanted to make some extra money and signed them right away. - AFTER THE SHOW: Ah, too tired to make something up right now, maybe next time.

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