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Therapy? So much for the ten year plan. A retrospective 1990-2000

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Hello! So the time has come to let you know what has been happening with AMC in the last 8-9 months. Unfortunately, all of us have been really busy with other aspects of our lives and thus lacked both time and motivation to keep on going with website on the regular basis. That's about as complete of an explanation as you will possibly get from any of us :-) Now that the past was taken care of, let's talk a little bit about present and future of our glorious webzine (or whatever you want to call it). We do hope to resume putting stuff on the website as regularly as possible, although any fixed schedule (like updates every week) can not be maintained at the present time. What will be published? I have no clue yet, but you will probably see both old and new features, so stay tuned. I also have plans of collaborating with some other online projects, more details as it all becomes confirmed. Finally, I would like to thank people who cared to leave their comments on The Wall, whether good or bad. As you can see, Nokturnal Mortum controversy is still quite intense, and that really makes me quite satisfied, because any form of art, including online writings, hehe, has to cause emotions (both positive and negative). Neutral is not always good (or maybe almost never?). By the way, I did change my attitude towards this subject (NSBM) somewhat, but I will not comment on the changes and let it remain a mystery (no, I have not become a member of Pagan Front). With that I say: See you around, my friends (and foes alike), Andy.








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Menhir Thuringia

Therapy? So much for the ten year plan. A retrospective 1990-2000

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